A great new find! From the Radio-Canada site, you can stream Bookaboo, a very cute rock star dog who needs to be read a story before every show.  You will find Bookaboo with a French Canadian celebrity reading great and popular books in French!
You thought you could escape it, but it just keeps coming back!  Cotton Eye Joe, a popular dance hit from the 90's is one of our dance choreographies we do for physical activity.  The kids have asked for it to be posted all week so that mom and dad can graciously find it on the internet...  Have fun learning from your little one - you could be the next sensation at a family wedding!

After speaking with a few of you about French resources, I realized that some of you wanted more information on great children's artists, television shows and stores with French products.  As the year goes on, I will share these new finds here in the blog.

The children love the performer Annie Brocoli!  She has a variety of CD's available (Annie Brocoli, Annie Brocoli dans l'espace, Annie Brocoli dans les fonds marins, La danse des vitamines...), as well as DVD's.  She also has a television show on Radio-Canada, Saturdays at 6:30pm.

A new love of mine and the children is Mon ami Benoît.  Member of the band Mes Aïeux, he brings incredible musical talent to his songs made especially for children.  We are presently working with the song Papa est allergique and the kids are asking to sing it again and again! You can visit his website at www.monamibenoit.com .

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